Love Bus Experience Pass

$249.00 $199.00

Here are some more details of what you’ll learn:
1. How to create low-conflict, highly intimate conversations in relationships
2. How to stop dramas before it happens
3. How to replace toxic behaviors with effective new communication tools using our step-by-step system
4. How to identify and break negative behavior patterns
5. How to stay connected even when you disagree, and more!

This event includes: access to the party bus, 3 secret locations, 2 couples connect sessions, 1 playdate and an unforgettable experience!



Designed for those who want to become better communicators, this course will teach you how to identify the things you don’t know, you don’t know that are impacting your communication physically, mentally,emotionally along with some of the most common communication pitfalls. In each of these areas, there are dynamics at play that you are simply unaware of. This is the reason so many couples find themselves stuck in the same patterns, arguing about the same problems over and over. When you can finally uncover the root causes of those challenges, you can get unstuck.


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