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All couples want the fairy tale ending, but how?

After years of working with couples, I quickly discovered, most couples have the "want-to" but they don't always have the "how-to" in marriage. Not to worry, "Your dream marriage isn't a fantasy. It's a formula." Step into the Love Lab and let's discover the perfect formula for you!

Our content format is easy as 1-2-3!

The Tip

Your journey will begin with an insightful tip on the topic and will briefly outline the way it impacts your marriage. We dig deep so this will not be a surface level conversation. I want to help you discover the root of the problem. Treating symptoms will only provide a temporary fix.

The Road Block

This section explains the challenges couples generally face on this topic and helps to dispel any myths or hidden dangers that might cause setbacks.

HINT: This will likely be where the work comes in. Transformation can't happen in your comfort zone.

The Tool

In any Mocha Marriage book, course, webinar, retreat or coaching session you are always going to walk away with a practical new tool for your marriage tool belt. The key is to use them. Discovery is just the first step. Now it's time to practice, practice, practice!

Time to break up the routine

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Don't Become Roomates


It's time to shake things up! Let me just say that I have read several e-books about this subject but none of them go quite as deep - to what's underneath the surface and truly blocking the deeper connection we want to have in our relationship.

7 WAYS TO DEEPEN CONNECTION is a totally different beast. This simple-to-use guide is so easy to follow and it only take one hour a day for seven straight days to start seeing a shift.

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Our Vision

We believe in the institution of marriage and that the richness a husband and wife build together exceeds that which they could accomplish alone. Therefore, our vision is that we inspire a cultural shift from generational toxicity to healthy relationships - so we can raise children who don't have to recover from their childhood.


Our Services

The Mocha Marriage Experience  is the special moment you’ve been needing. Whether it’s a Signature Date Night, Destination Getaway or Couples Coaching, you’ll revive, reconnect and reignite your marriage with a touch of Mocha Marriage Magic  to make it unforgettable.

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