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The Couples Communication Experience Training

I am so happy that you chose us to help you work with couples in a meaningful way. The Couples Communication Experience is an interactive and fun way to get couples thinking and talking about the dynamics that affect their ability to communicate effectively. When surveyed 82% of couples say most of their problems stem from “communication issues.” They don’t understand that it’s really much deeper than that. Therefore, this training was designed to teach them about the dynamics they don’t know, they don’t know are at play.

"I loved the transparency of the Facilitators, the interaction and having in-depth and intimate conversations with my spouse. This training drastically changed how we communicate. I wish all couples go through it."

2019 Retreat Attendee

Learn to teach couples the "How To's" like...

Conflict Resolution

How to create low-conflict, highly intimate conversations in relationships

Emotional Intelligence

How to stop dramas before it happens

Practical Interventions

How to replace toxic behaviors with effective new communication tools using our step-by-step system


How to identify and break negative behavior patterns

Anger Management

How to stay express concerns and stay connected in the process, even when you disagree.

New Vocabulary

How to express their needs and understand their partner's needs.

It's Easy


Take our 8 hour certification course.

This training is available live twice per year. Dates are posted on our LIVE Events Page. If you miss the live events, virtual training is available year-round. Just submit the trainer application and a team member will be in touch to schedule your training in two 4-hour live webinars with Mocha Marriage Founder, Jasmine Taylor.

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Order workbooks as needed

Our easy-to-use workbooks is all you need to teach a class or workshop. Order one per participant. Delivery is fast and easy. You can even build the $7 workbook cost into your training fee.

Meet Our Lead Trainers

trainer head shots - kamau and jazz

Kamau & Jasmine

Kamau & Jasmine Taylor, Founders of Mocha Marriage, have a singular focus of ensuring that engaged and married couples have the tools to build the marriage of their dreams. Their team of certified trainers get couples thinking and talking about the dynamics that affect their ability to communicate in fun and interactive ways! They've been married over 15 years and have identical twin daughters, whose smiles are their why.

chris and kayla

Chris & Kayla

Chris and Kayla have been married for 20 years and have served as the marriage ministry leaders at Central Pointe Church in Dallas, TX. 

zandra and michael

Zandra & Michael

Zandra and Michael have been married for 38 years. Zandra is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Michael is a certified relationship educator.

marital mission (1)

The McDowells

The McDowells are the Founders of the Marital Mission podcast and have been working with couples for 7 years. 

Facilitator Love

marital mission (2)

We started out as clients in a weekly group session with Jasmine and Kamau. Afterwards, we would leave and go out for drinks. It became our tradition. Then one night, my Husband thought we should do an event where couples can get this information then have a party - and Love Remix Couples Staycation was born. We use this curriculum and get RAVE reviews every time! We now have 14K followers on Facebook and are hosting sold out events throughout Texas. We're planning to go nationwide next year!

Yvette - Client/Facilitator

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Our Vision

We believe in the institution of marriage and that the richness a husband and wife build together exceeds that which they could accomplish alone. Therefore, our vision is that we inspire a cultural shift from generational toxicity to healthy relationships - so we can raise children who don't have to recover from their childhood.


Our Services

The Mocha Marriage Experience  is the special moment you’ve been needing. Whether it’s a Signature Date Night, Destination Getaway or Couples Coaching, you’ll revive, reconnect and reignite your marriage with a touch of Mocha Marriage Magic  to make it unforgettable.

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