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Mocha Marriage is a COLLECTIVE of Coaches and Counselors nationwide who are certified in Restoration Therapy, a unique new approach to coaching, and healing in individual, marital and family therapy.
Mocha Marriage is a MOVEMENT to highlight positive examples of love and healthy relationships in the Black community while building a network of relationship resources and services that is so far reaching that no member of our community, in need, of help has to go without.

Where The Magic Happens

The Love Lab Online

Our famous e-learning platform for 24/7 access to fun, interactive online courses for couples.

The Love Lounge Podcast

An elevated conversation about all things Black Love - from relationships to family and everything in between.

2nd Honeymooon

Our exclusive, one-of-a-kind couples vacations are designed to create once in a lifetime memories.

Live Events

Live events are our specialty! Join us for one of our signature events or book us for your event.

Books & Planners

Our expertise is providing tools and resources to help dig a little deeper than you can do on your own.


Get certified to facilitate retreats, workshops, seminars and small groups with our fun, interactive curriculum.

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Why Mocha?

While ALL couples are welcome, Mocha Marriage was established to combat the crisis facing Black families. Black women divorce at a rate nearly double of either white or Hispanic women and Black children are three times more likely to be born out of wedlock. Therefore, our mission is to ensure that these engaged and married couples, in particular, have the tools to beat the odds and build the marriage of their dreams. Mocha Marriage believes that it takes a village and that if we can build strong marriages, we build strong families, and strong communities.

Mocha Marriage gives voice to the unique challenges faced in the Black community and the cultural impact it has on our families and relationships. We believe that, by doing so, we can shift the perception of Black love for the sake of healing in our own community; so future generations might envision their families and their futures in a brighter way. This is a community of couples who are interested in improving marriage. And if that's you, we invite you to make yourself at home! There'e plenty of Mocha love for everyone and we're happy to have you!  Welcome to the Mocha Marriage Experience!


What Are The Top 5 Reasons For Divorce?

Most people guess things like communication, infidelity, sex, and they are partially right. If we are going to build an Ever After Love, we have to know what we're up against. This way we develop a strategy to counter each one.

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Children From Broken Homes Are At Risk

9 x More Likely to Commit a Crime

5 x More Likely to Suffer from Emotional Disorder

3 x More Likely to Drop Out of School

Twice As Likely to Commit Suicide

Our Vision

We believe in the institution of marriage and that the richness a husband and wife build together exceeds that which they could accomplish alone. Therefore, our vision is that we inspire a cultural shift from generational toxicity to healthy relationships - so we can raise children who don't have to recover from their childhood.


Our Services

The Mocha Marriage Experience  is the special moment you’ve been needing. Whether it’s a Signature Date Night, Destination Getaway or Couples Coaching, you’ll revive, reconnect and reignite your marriage with a touch of Mocha Marriage Magic  to make it unforgettable.

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