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As unwavering champions for Black marriages, families and children, our mission is to ensure that engaged and married couples have the tools to build the marriage of their dreams. #MochaMarriageMagic


“Your dream marriage is not a fantasy. It’s a formula,

built on a foundation of faith.” –Jasmine Taylor

Where the magic happens

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Live events are our specialty! Join us for one of our signature events or book us for your event.

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Our expertise is providing tools and resources to help dig a little deeper than you can do on your own.


Get certified to facilitate retreats, workshops, seminars and small groups with our fun, interactive curriculum.

Mocha Marriage was established to ensure Black marriages and families stay strong and thrive.

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Client Love!

"Thank you for taking the time to really connect with us on such short notice. Your passion and commitment doesn't go unnoticed."

~ John & Norma

"I always felt like our marriage was pretty good but you helped us make it great again! Real Mocha Marriage Magic....I get it now."

~ Kareem & Iyana

"I love how real you both are. Thank you for sharing from your truth, both your struggles and your successes. That's what gave us hope that we could get there too."

~ Robby & Jae

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Our Vision

We believe in the institution of marriage and that the richness a husband and wife build together exceeds that which they could accomplish alone. Therefore, our vision is that we inspire a cultural shift from generational toxicity to healthy relationships - so we can raise children who don't have to recover from their childhood.


Our Services

The Mocha Marriage Experience  is the special moment you’ve been needing. Whether it’s a Signature Date Night, Destination Getaway or Couples Coaching, you’ll revive, reconnect and reignite your marriage with a touch of Mocha Marriage Magic  to make it unforgettable.

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